How to make more money without working more hours

How to make more money without working more hours

How can you make more money in your business without doing more work? No, it’s not a pipe dream. It’s completely possible and you probably already have the tools in place to get started.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a clickbait article. Here are 3 things YOU can implement today and make more money in your business!

1. Recommend programs you use to clients with an affiliate or referral link

Check over your monthly and annual subscriptions for apps and software to see if they have affiliate programs that you can participate in! Many times, companies will offer you free service credits, or even cash for recommending their products to others. Check on your products like web hosts, software, and apps to see if they offer kickbacks for recommendations.

2. Hire out admin tasks that are not money-making tasks for your business.

How does this make money for your business? Easy, it frees up your time to focus on the income-producing tasks, like scaling your client base or creating a new product. When you hire out to a specialist, they will also likely do a better job than you were doing because it is their zone of genius, not yours.⁠

3. Take a close look at the services and items you offer. Can one of them be turned into an evergreen product that is hands-off for you?

Can any of the items you sell or offer be used in a different way that would help solve a problem for your clients?⁠ Can you recycle unused concepts? Can you create a course from your regularly performed client training? Can you teach others in your industry to do what you do? While these types of products can sometimes have a lot of upfront time, once they’re built you can enjoy passive income from their purchases.

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