annual tax preparation

Find peace of mind this tax season! Let our dedicated team of trustworthy, knowledgeable experts take the hassle out of doing your taxes so you can focus on the things that you love. 

Send us an email, we will send you our tax organizer so that you can gather all required documents for your Tax Preparation Appt:

Individual Tax

Form 1040X (Prepared by Balanced Ledger)

Form 1040*

*Includes One W2 & One State Return



Business Tax

1065 – Partnership Return

1120(S) – S Corporation Return

Includes all Schedule K1’s



Other Schedules & Forms

Schedule A – Itemized Deductions

Schedule B – Interest & Dividends

Schedule C – Business Profit or Loss

Schedule D – Dividends & Capital Gains

Schedule E – Rental Income (per unit)

Schedule F – Farm Income/Loss

Sale of Residence

Additional State Returns

Additional W2’s

Additional Forms & Schedules











Individual Tax

1040X*                            $150

1040                                 $200

*Previously prepared by Balanced Ledger

Includes one W2 & one State Return

Business Tax

Form 1065                         $650

Form 1120(S)                     $650

*Includes all Schedule K1’s

Additional Forms

Schedule A                     $100

Schedule B                      $65

Schedule C                      $140

Schedule D                      $65

Schedule E  (p/u)             $65

Schedule F                        $65

Additional State              $65

Additional  W2                $25

Additional Schedules     $varies

Want Peace Of Mind This Tax Season?

Would you rather feel peaceful instead of panicked during tax season? Our annual tax preparation services can do that for you. 





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