Esmeralda “Esme” Hernandez


  • Certified Bookkeeper with Honors
  • Member of the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Program
  • 6+ years Experience in Small Business Bookkeeping
  • Small Business Consultant

We understand that many small business owners find accounting overwhelming. Our founder, Esme, is an experienced bookkeeper whose professional history began in banking and blossomed into creating Balanced Ledger

Esme is passionate about helping small businesses become more successful and productive by offering a full lineup of dedicated bookkeeping services.

Balance Ledger’s goal is to help your business streamline and automate your finances so you can ditch the overwhelm, focus on the heart of your businesses, and make your profits flourish.

Our Dedicated Team Members

Our team members help us get your bookkeeping done with a higher level of accuracy and expertise! 


Assistant Bookkeeper